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Buyer  Questions

Registration for Buyers

-How do I register for a free buyer account?

-How do I post a free business wanted ad?

-How do I subscribe to free automatic email updates?

-How do I subscribe to the free Monthly eNewsletter?

-Do I need to register to contact sellers?

-What are the advantages of registering?


Account Management for Buyers
-How do I do I find a restaurant for sale?

-How do I update my account information?

-How do I search the website?


Listing Database Access

-How do I get more information regarding a listing?

-What does the advance search allow me to do?

-How do I contact a seller/broker listing?

-Why hasn't the seller responded to my inquiry?

-What is the cost to search the database?


General Questions for Buyers
-How do I make a suggestion to the website?

-How often is the website and database updated?

-What kind of financing is available for buyers?

-What is the average asking price  on your site?

-Do I need a restaurant broker to complete a sale?

-What types of listings do you have on your site?

-What is the buyers guide section?

-What is the Restaurants For Sale Guide Section?

-What is the franchise guide Section?

-How do I remove myself from matching emails?

-Is Restaurants For Sale Online a brokerage?

-How do I remove myself from the eNewsletter?

-What else can I do if I can't find a listing I like?


Seller & Owner Questions

Registration for Sellers

-How do I list my restaurant for sale?

-How do I pay for my listing and how much does it cost? 

-How do I get listed on the homepage?

-How do I protect my business if the sale is confidential?
-How do I get my photo in the search results?

-How do I list multiple listings?
How long does my listing last on the website?
-How long does it take for my listing to appear online it?
-Can I include pictures, images, or video with my listing?


Account Management for Sellers
-How do I make changes to my listings and account?

-How do I retrieve my password to access my account?

-How do I update my contact information?

-How do I update my billing information?

-How do I contact registered buyers in my area?

Listing Management For Sellers

-How do I upgrade my listing?
-How do I upload photos/images to my listing?
-How do I view statistics on my listing views?

-How do I view email inquiries on my listing?

-How do I increase the response to my listing?
-How do I add a video to my listing?

General Seller Questions For Owners and Sellers

-How do I decide on an asking price?
-How much traffic does your site get?
How do buyers find your website?
-Can I list a new restaurant opportunity?


Broker, Intermediary, & Advisor Questions

General Broker Questions
-How do I sign-up to advertise on your site?
 -What are the costs of advertising?

 -How effective is Restaurants For Sale Online?
 -How can I list multiple listings and is there a savings?
-How do I get listed on the homepage?
 -How do I reactivate my deactivated account?


Disclaimer: The information in our database has been provided by the seller, broker, or buyer stated on each respective listing. Restaurants For Sale Online, LLC receives no commission on the sale of any business and has not independently verified any listing information and assumes no responsibility for the source, accuracy, or completeness. The results of our various studies reflect data in our database. Restaurants For Sale Online assumes no responsibility for pricing or recommendation of pricing to any of our users. If you are interested in buying a business, Restaurants For Sale Online, LLC recommends you do your own due diligence to verify the source of any information provided to you by a seller and/or intermediary. If you are interested in selling your business, Restaurants For Sale Online recommends you contact an intermediary that specializes in transactions similar to the respective business.

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