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Terms of Use

Pease read the following before signing up or using any of Restaurants For Sale Online, LLC (RFSO) websites or services, responding to any listing, or accessing any information on RFSO websites. This entire page makes up the "Terms of Use" for RFSO.

Restaurants For Sale Online, most commonly accessed by is operated by RFSO, and the information on our site is largely based on data submitted by others not associated with RFSO. RFSO has not verified the accuracy of the information contained in the RFSO system and makes no warranty, express or implied, concerning the information contained in this service and expressly disclaims any warranty of accuracy, completeness, merchantability and fitness for a particular use. This disclaimer includes posts on third party sites for accounts related to RFSO including but not limited to sites such as twitter, facebook, google+ and linkedin where accounts/pages have been created related to RFSO websites and services.

Your use of RFSO and all information, products and services made available through this website,  and related websites is at your own risk. You agree that RFSO will not be liable for any special, indirect, incidental, consequential or punitive damages or any other damages whatsoever arising out of your use or inability to use this website or any information, products or services of RFSO, whether based on contractual, statutory, tort or other grounds.

RFSO reserves the right to refuse service to any questionable user activity, or remove outdated accounts and/or account information to protect the integrity of the website.

RFSO disclaims any responsibility for any actions taken as a result of the information displayed on any pages of the RFSO websites. RFSO attempts to notify users via email when accounts are activated, deactivated, receive inquiries, etc. however we are not liable for any missed messages which may have been blocked or not delivered to your email.

The Restaurants For Sale Online service is copyrighted ©1999-2014 by RFSO all rights are reserved. All programs, publications, services, processes, designs, software, technologies, trademarks, tradenames, inventions and materials comprising RFSO are owned by RFSO and/or third parties. The information contained in this service and the associated databases were developed by RFSO through users, research, and/or parternships and have been compiled and organized by RFSO and may not be extracted in any combination, however limited, for the purpose of creating or adding to another database.

No part of this information service may be captured and reproduced in any form or by any means for the purpose of distributing the information to other parties without permission in writing from RFSO. However, a few selected pages may be captured and used by journalists for magazine, newspaper or broadcast reviews of the RFSO service without written permission from RFSO.

RFSO, the RFSO logo, product names and all page headers, footers and icons are trademarks or registered trademarks of RFSO. All other product names mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective owners.

No Advice
RFSO provides its services with the understanding that RFSO is not rendering legal, financial or investment advice. If you are buying or selling a business, real estate, or any other available listing or service, RFSO recommends before making any decision or taking any action which might affect your personal finances or business you consult with a qualified attorney, accountant, financial advisor and/or business broker who understands your particular factual situation.

Certain hyperlinks found in the RFSO websites lead to resources maintained by third parties over whom RFSO has no control. RFSO makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy of, or any other aspect relating to those resources. This disclaimer also applies to all RFSO affiliated sites.

Terms and Conditions

The submission of information to, and use of, the online listing service ("Service") available through the RFSO and affiliated web sites is subject to the following terms and conditions. BY SUBMITTING INFORMATION to, or accessing information from, the Service, YOU, the end user ("Customer") AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS. These Terms and Conditions are a legal agreement between you and Restaurants For Sale Online, LLC ("RFSO" or the "Company").

By submitting your payment to RFSO you agree: The Billing Cycle Date is the date when this form is complete. The CUSTOMER is responsible for completing the listing information in the system on the date of posting. For plans subscribed to prior to July 1, 2015 the CUSTOMER will be billed the date of sign up and every 30 days thereafter, until the CUSTOMER cancels the listing for monthly subscriptions. For "Seller Account Annual Plans" and "Seller Account Semi-Annual Plans" subscribed to on July 1, 2015 and thereafter, these are one-time fees and the account will be billed only once. For Monthly Plans subscribed to on July 1, 2015 and thereafter the first 3 months are billed in full and after the first 90 days the user will be billed monthly every 30 days until cancelled based on the monthly rate. "Broker Annual Plans" are billed in full at the beginning of each year and renew each year thereafter until cancelled. Broker Quarterly Plans are billed in full at the beginning of each quarter and renew automatically every 90 days thereafter. No pro-ration is granted to any of our seller or broker plans. All plans offered prior to July 1, 2015 are monthly subscriptions with the exception of prepaid term of one year or 6 months in which case the CUSTOMER pays in full at the time of registration for that term. You can CANCEL or UPDATE your listing anytime however no pro-ration is given for any account. CUSTOMER may remove and cancel account at anytime by completing the removal form when logged into the Restaurants For Sale Online seller or broker account, sending an email to us from the email on file, or leaving a clear voicemail with all account details (name, email on file, phone number, and listing number). You should receive an email confirmation once cancelled. If you have left a voicemail and have not received a voicemail, do not assume your account is cancelled as you may have left a message we could not clearly here or were unable to locate the account with the information left. Monthly subscription cancellations must be received (4) days prior to the expiration of each Billing Cycle Date.

If cancellation of a subscription is not received in accordance to RFSO terms and conditions, the account will renew automatically on the established billing date. Prices may be subject to change however CUSTOMERS will be notified of any change via email. RFSO assumes no responsibility for the source, accuracy, or completeness of information provided by CUSTOMER. All information is assumed to be accurate. RFSO does not provide listing information to buyers that is not provided on the on the listing form or provide information to buyers in response to advertisements and makes no claims, warrantees, or guarantees as to results of its service. The RFSO service is being provided as is. RFSO does not take any responsibility for any actions of any site user that may take as a result of the information posted on the RFSO site. RFSO reserves the right to refuse or cancel accounts at anytime. Confidentiality is not the obligation or responsibility of RFSO. This agreement applies to all users of RFSO which includes sellers, brokers, buyers, and any visiting site user. CUSTOMER is responsible for the content of its account. CUSTOMER agrees to abide by all terms and conditions and applicable laws. CUSTOMER agrees to hold RFSO harmless from and against any complaints, claims, or liabilities associated directly or indirectly related to this service.

All listings and accounts are paid at the beginning of the cycle. In the event that CUSTOMER does not cancel account and request to remove listing before the renewal date, the account is automatically billed. CUSTOMER will be responsible for payment for the duration the listing appears on the Restaurants For Sale Online, LLC websites. CUSTOMER also agrees to reimburse RFSO for any and all fees incurred as a result of any chargebacks by a CUSTOMER that has not been approved, in writing, by RFSO. In the event RFSO is required to hire a third party to collect any payment that is past due and owed, CUSTOMER agrees to reimburse RFSO for all associated expenses, including but not limited to collection fees, attorneys fees & court costs. This agreement applies to all users of RFSO. RFSO may amend this Agreement at any time.

CUSTOMER understands that "Instant Exposure Guaranteed" statement refers to instant exposure to potential buyers upon the listing being reviewed and activated. RFSO does not guarantee that you will sell your listing or anything else beyond exposure to buyers with this statement.

CUSTOMER understands that all registered user accounts including buyers, sellers, and brokers are added to the monthly email newsletter update which goes out once a month. All users can select to unsubscribe from the email newsletter by selecting the "unsubscribe" link which appears in the footer of each email.

CUSTOMER agrees to only use images on an advertisement that are owned or legally licensed by the CUSTOMER. CUSTOMER agrees to take on all legal obligations with regards to all materials uploaded to any account on sites owned by RFSO.

The CUSTOMER understands RFSO makes its best effort to insure that all email inquiries sent via online forms are delivered. CUSTOMER understands RFSO takes no responsibility for email inquiries which may have failed to be delivered. RFSO attempts to store all email inquiries to brokers and sellers in their accounts and recommends that sellers and brokers login frequently to insure they are receiving these inquiries. RFSO recommends users to check their respective SPAM and JUNK email folders.

Broker/Agent CUSTOMERS agree that a Broker Center account is to be utilized for one office for one region covered for actual listings where a representation agreement is held. RFSO defines a region as "one major metropolitan market"  or as "one major county." Broker accounts that have more than 20 listings and/or are discovered to have more than one office may be charged an additional $49.95 per month per office. Broker accounts receive discounted rates for multi-listings, as such any broker/agent accounts inactive for more than 3 months (90 days), will be charged the $50 sign-up fee upon reactivation. RFSO reserves the right to deactivate any Broker/Agent account at anytime for violating our policy.

If you do not agree to the entire "Terms of Use," do not submit information to, or access information from RFSO websites and services. All questions concerning this Agreement should be directed to: Restaurants For Sale Online, LLC, 1517 North Point #404, San Francisco, California 94123.





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